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black lace socks

April 30, 2007

Hello! Well I’m no longer between projects. At the Stitch & Creative Crafts Show I bought some Elle Stretch yarn in black and am now making a pair of knee length lacy pattern top down socks from a Simply Knitting booklet on socks. It’s actually a Rowan pattern but it seems to be working with the Stretch yarn. It’s great to knit socks with as there’s no problem with the cast on being too tight! I spent a lovely afternoon knitting in the park during my week off which was really pleasant. I have photos but haven’t had a chance to upload them yet. One sock is down to the heel and the other is half way there, I’ve decided to do all the fiddly foot bits together, I’m getting the more boring knitting out of the way first. It’s not too bad though as I’m knitting in pattern which does make it more interesting.

Lacey sock in progress

 I’ve been reading like it’s going out of fashion recently and in the last two weeks have read Sacrifice by Sarah Singleton – a young adult book about knights protecting a sacred lily, Testament Of Gideon Mack by James Robertson – about a priest in Scotland who meets the devil, Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen  – a young man joins a circus in the 1930s during the great depression and The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger – a love story between a man who time travels through his wife’s life. They have all been really good for different reasons and I would recommend them to anyone. It’s made a change for me to read grownup books!!


Heart on my hat

April 17, 2007

Sam’s Hat 

I got bored of the crochet bag very quickly again so I decided to knit this pattern I bought to raise money for the Sam Dickson Brain Tumour Trust. I knitted it with Opal Uni shade 1418 on 4mm and 3.25mm dpns. The pattern was for straight needles but I didn’t want to have to sew it up at the end so I did it in the round and I think it worked very well. It’s a nice basic pattern but you might need to increase it if your head is average size, it fits me perfectly and I have a small head!

Beads on hat

Between projects…

April 14, 2007

Teatowels that  I might make in to book bags

… as my socks are finished I’m between projects and not sure what to do now. I’ve got the week off work so I’m planning on going to the Stitch & Creative Crafts Show at the Bath & West Show Ground on Thursday and hopefully that will give me some inspiration. In the meantime I’m trying to finish a little bag I said I’d crochet for my mum last summer. It’s very boring as I’m just doing the same stitch with the same yarn round and round and round….. yawn. But it needs to be finished!


April 12, 2007


I’ve finished my socks. I did the bind off on the first one and it was too tight but I left it because it was annoying me. At the weekend I cast on the second sock (with the stripes reversed) and it took me three days to complete (the first sock took three MONTHS). On the second one I had a serious think about why the first was too tight around the top and decided to increase my number of stitches just before the rib to 60 from 54 and not to knit the rib in smaller needles. Did the stretchy bind off and hey presto! Sock number 2 fits perfectly. So last night I did the sensible thing and frogged the first sock to just before the rib and repeated what I’d done on the second one and it worked. It is a little tighter around the top than it should be but I’m glad I changed it. I will post a picture of both at the weekend. PS do you know how awkward it is to take a picture of your own feet?

Finished reading Fragile Things, and it’s got some fantastic stories in. Neil Gaiman really is a genius.

I’m finding it very difficult to concentrate at work this week as I’ve got next week off, so one sleep to go and I’m on holiday!!

Happy Easter!

April 7, 2007

Four days off!!! Fantastic. This week was only four days long but after being off sick I had loads to catch up on and about 200 emails to deal with. Did feel like drowning for a couple of days but by Thursday I felt like I was just about treading water. Was extremely glad when the weekend started.

I’ve almost finished my first sock, I just need to find a link to some stretchy bind/cast offs and then I’ll post a picture of it. Also, I went out with some friends an they all loved the bag I made from a teatowel and so did a girl who served me in a shop today. Praise for something you made feels so great ;o)

I’m reading “Fragile Things” by Neil Gaiman. Oh and Doctor Who was great. It’s about time he had a companion with a brain.