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Books and socks

June 23, 2007

Tequila Sunrise has been put on the back burner temporarily while I knit a blue and white striped beany for a friend’s son. Mostly because I was getting a bit bored/frustrated at the slowness of progress with the sleeves so I’ve decided to have a little break. I’m using the Sam’s Hat pattern but adjusted to fit a larger head! I started it last night on dpns so I can knit it in the round and avoid sewing up, the rib is done and I’ve just started the stripes. It shouldn’t take long to make but I do wish I had 5 4mm dpns as it’s quite a lot of stitches for 4 needles.

I got a parcel of books from a friend in publishing this week and read Dolphin Song by Lauren St John on Thursday night in one sitting! I was sent a copy of Sock And Glove by Miyako Kanamori, which is an adorable book full of animals to make from socks and gloves, look here for pictures. I love the elephant, he’s wonderful!! Now I’m reading Angel by Cliff McNish – I’ve never read anything by him before but I like it so far and the cover is lovely.


Knitted things.

June 17, 2007


About 50 rows done on the Tequila Sunrise sleeves. Feels like it’s taking forever. I suppose that’s because I’m doing them at the same time. I didn’t make the quilt under the sleeves, my mum’s the quilter in the family.

Spent a few hours yesterday helping my mum clear out the spare room and found some of my old toys including a knitted Bill The Badger (Rupert The Bear’s friend) made by my Nanny many years ago. He has separate knitted trousers, waistcoat, bowtie and jacket! And now I fully appreciate the work that must have gone into making him, especially the checked pattern on the jacket. We also found two clown type creatures with crocheted twirly arms, legs and bodies like the twirly scarves that were popular this winter. I will post pictures I promise!

I’ve also knitted a swatch in royal blue and white dk as I am going to knit a stripy beanie hat for a friend’s son and he’s a Chelsea FC fan.

Purple, turquoise & red.

June 9, 2007


This is the button on a lovely purple cardigan that I bought last week in a sale! It’s the exact shade of purple that is my favourite colour. I wore it this week with purple twinkly shoes and a turquoise skirt and I think it looked very nice. I love purple!!

Overnight Bag

This lovely little overnight bag was a birthday present from a dear friend, she also bought me Lettuce and Lavender face mask from Lush which I’m sure will make me look like the creature from the black lagoon when I use it – grin. At the moment you can just see (top right) the sheep needle topper on the end of my knitting poking out of the zip. I’ve completed about 35 rows of the sleeves so far.

I’m reading What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt, I was attracted to the red and white cover (I’m liking red a lot at the moment since I bought some red sandals) and because it’s set in New York. I’m not disappointed, it’s extremely readable and very interesting. I haven’t finished it and have no idea where it will go next.

Pigs DO fly!

June 4, 2007

It’s Monday lunchtime and I had to blog to say I did finish the front of the tequila sunrise yesterday – well almost, it was just after midnight when I cast off the second shoulder! I’m now quite tired from staying up so late on a work night. But I HAD to finish it as I was on a roll. I listened to two Pixie Purls Podcasts while I was knitting and it’s nice to know other people have problems with patterns and yarns not turning out the way you think they’re going to.

Right, time to go back to work. I will start the sleeves tonight.

Flying pigs!

June 2, 2007

My Tequila Sunrise jumper is progressing nicely, I’ve finished the back and am about a third of the way up the front now. I was hoping to finish it by next Friday but I don’t think that’s likely. Although it’s going to rain tomorrow again so I will most probably be knitting to a podcast for most of the day so I might get the front finished. You never know…. pigs might fly too!!