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August 25, 2007

Pink NecklacePink earring

I’ve been trying to find a bright pink necklace for a couple of months but apparently pink isn’t “in” at the moment. So I gave up and have made myself a necklace and some earrings. The necklace is pink beading wire with pink and black beads and held in place with crimps and I’m really quite proud of it. It had to be pink and black to go with my shoes!!

Pink shoes


My first proper FO

August 21, 2007

I finished making my Tequila Sunrise jumper on Sunday night, well Monday morning to be exact. I’d been quite nervous about sewing it together in case I messed it up. It went ok once I got started, I’d stripped my bed to wash the bedding in the morning so I took advantage of the flat-ish service to lay out the pieces for pinning together. I used safety pins to pin the first sleeve in and then went for it. I did manage to sew the second sleeve inside out – oops – but by then I wasn’t going to let anything stop me so I just unpicked it and started it again. I finished sewing in all the ends at 1am. And then I still had to make my bed!!

As the weather isn’t quite as warm as it should be in August, I have worn it to work and I’m quite pleased with it. If I was going to do it again I would make the sleeves a bit shorter but in the winter I’m sure I’ll be glad they’re a little bit on the long side. I’ve had a couple of compliments from people who know I knit which was lovely. I just feel really proud that I’ve finished a proper garment.

More sock yarn

August 18, 2007

I’ve just ordered some more Tofutsies yarn in a red/white colourway from Angel Yarns because it was on sale so only £9 a ball and as I demonstrated last week it will make more than a pair of socks. I’ve also ordered some Brittany birch 2.5mm dpns because being quite a new knitter I haven’t acquired lots of sets of dpns yet so I thought it was time I got a second set so I can have more than one sock on the needles at once.

I’ve also had a play with Grumperina’s Jaywalker pattern so that I can knit the same zig zag as her pattern but in a toe up sock as I much prefer knitting toe up to top down. I’ve decided to do a short zigzag that spans 13 stitches (the original is across 19 stitches) and therefore it’ll be 52 stitches round and the Widdershins pattern is 54 stitches so it should work out fine. I’m hoping that the zig zag will look nice with the striping of the Lana Grossa cotton sock yarn that I bought at Get Knitted.

Ta daaa!!

August 18, 2007

Finished TofutsiesTofutsie Socks

I have finished my Tofutsie socks!! I’m very pleased with them, I’m sorry the photos aren’t very good it’s really difficult to take a good picture of the socks you are wearing. I need a model or something. 


And also this week I finished knitting my Tequila Sunrise jumper, I felt calm on Wednesday and picked up stitches around the neck on a circular needle and knitted the 7 rows of rib and stocking stitch to finish it. I’ve sewn the shoulders together and now just need to set the sleeves in and sew up the sides. I will probably attempt this tomorrow, I’m a little nervous as it’s the first time I’ve done this but I’m sure that once I start it will be fine.

Useless info and maths

August 12, 2007

Weighing Tofutsie SockWeighing tofutsie yarn

I just looked up the definition of Squiblet on google and look at the result. That sort of describes me, I can be very hyper and bouncy.

Also, I’ve just weighed my tofutsie yarn and I have 29g in one sock, 59g on the ball and the other sock plus dpns weighs 29g. So that means a pair of Tofutsie socks will be about 60g leaving 40g to make another something. Therefore a pair of Tofutsie socks do NOT cost £12 they cost 60% of £12 = £7.20 which is not unreasonable for handknitted socks. Ta da!!!

If I buy another ball in a different colour I could combine the leftovers to make a third pair to two colour socks. Would still leave me 20g of yarn though so it would take another ball to make a further 2 pairs and there be no yarn left!! It’s like a maths puzzle. So that would be 3 balls of wool to make 5 pairs of socks.

Right, time to go home now I’m worn out from spending the last hour teaching my mum the magic cast on for toe up socks!

Batteries not included

August 12, 2007

I did buy rechargeable batteries yesterday so here is a picture of my tofutsies with one and a half socks complete. I love the colours and how the heel ended up extra stripy. And the yarn is lovely to knit with. Even though the Tofutsie yarn is £12 a ball I would recommend it especially for people with wool itchiness.

Tofutsie socks in progress

I’ve just started the gusset on the second one. Next Sunday I will be holding a toe up lesson for my friend as she wants to learn to knit socks.


And here is a picture of some of my friends as we were all at a bbq last night together. I’m the one at the front as usual. This was taken just after I fell over and landed on my bottom in a not very elegant manner and the worst part was I can’t blame it on the drink as I was the designated driver!!

Passing thru….

August 11, 2007

….quick post as I pass through the library on the way home. The weather is gorgeous, I’ve just bought a lovely turquoise/green/brown striped skirt in the Jane Norman sale, I started the day with a bike ride and a letter from the bank telling me they have put my £605.40 back in my account after the nasty people stole it at the end of July. So all in all, today is a good day!!

 Will try to post pics tomorrow if I remember to buy new rechargeable batteries for my camera.

Thank Crunchie!!

August 10, 2007

It’s Friday!! I’m very glad it’s the end of the week again. I’ve finished my first tofutsie Widdershins sock and I’m very pleased with it. I started the second one last night and even managed to get some knitting (and reading) in on my lunch break today. It was very pleasant sat on the grass leaning on a tree with a book on my lap as I knitted.

Dead Men’s Boots by Mike Carey

When I got home last night I was delighted to find a parcel from a friend who works at Little Brown a publishers in London. It was the latest Mike Carey book Dead Men’s Boots and as I was between books I started it immediately. I’m going to try not to read it too fast as I want it to last as long as possible. This is the third book about Felix Castor an exorcist working in London, they are sort of thrillers with a bit of the supernatural thrown in. I think they are great and if you like Michael Marshall Smith you will like it. It’s also like another author but for the life of me I can’t remember their name.

This has to be a brief post as I’m at the library but I will try to put a picture of the tofutsie sock up on Sunday.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Socks and Robbers

August 4, 2007

After my inspirational visit to Get Knitted on Monday I finished the second sleeve of Tequila Sunrise on Tuesday but then when I started to pick up the stitches around the neck I kept making mistakes. First of all I started doing it on a 4mm straight needle instead of the 3.25mm circular that I bought especially for the job, then I finally picked up 52 stitches on either side of the front of the neck and I realised I should have picked up 58 on both sides! So I’m afraid to say I got quite grouchy and unpicked the picked up stitches and decided I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to try again.

So I have started knitting a toe up sock in my Tofutsie yarn on 2.5mm needles following the Widdershins pattern from Knitty again. I’m only doing it in stocking stitch but it’s progressing nicely so far and the Tofutsie yarn is lovely to knit with. I would post a picture to show off the nice colours of the yarn but my batteries are flat and I need to buy some more rechargeable ones for the camera. Sorry!

Whenever I’ve walked anywhere this week I’ve been listening to the Socks In The City Podcast, I think I’ve listened to about 10 episodes. I can safely say that Carrie is completely mad about knitting socks. It is really fun to listen to and definitely makes my walk to work more interesting.

During the week I discovered that someone had cloned one of my debit cards and bought £600 worth of baby items, I’m just lucky I found out quite quickly so that I could get the bank to cancel my card. I still don’t know how they cloned it, the bank are going to investigate and have said I will get my money back. It’s more annoying than anything as I had to go to the police station and get a crime incident number but I will say that all the people I spoke to when dealing with this were very helpful and nice. So although the person who did this isn’t very nice it does prove that all the other people involved are nice!!