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Jaywalker progress

October 27, 2007


Having had to frog the jaywalker when I tried the foot part on and realised that the stitch pattern made the finished item much narrower than it’s 52 stitches here is the progress I’ve made on sock number 1 since casting on again with 60 stitches. I think it’s going well, I’ve had to increase by another 8 stitches for the ankle as the cotton Lana Grossa yarn doesn’t have much stretch in it. But I love the way the stripes have turned out. The stitch pattern is easy to remember and provides enough variation so it isn’t boring to knit.  I’m thinking about not doing a rib at the top as I’d like them to finish with a zigzag top and I’m fairly certain that they will stay up without the rib as they are quite tight already. 


P.S. still not figured out a way of taking a decent photo of a sock.



October 20, 2007

This week at work has been the busiest ever, I haven’t had a chance to think let alone post about my visit to the Knitting and Stitching show last Sunday.  I knitted the green jaywalkers on the way to Alexandra Palace on the coach whilst listening to Kate Rusby on my iPod. Made quite good progress and even managed to cast on for mum for some socks knitted in a spiral rib from Simply Knitting. Saw her today and she’s finished the first sock so I had to cast on the second one whilst watching the start of the Rugby World Cup Final.  Not sure why my mum who taught me to knit and has been knitting for at least 32 years can’t cast on and join up to start a top down sock. It amuses me though.

My goodies

Alexandra Palace was absolutely packed.  The exhibitions were really inspiring and made me wish I’d done something creative at University/College. I was slightly disappointed at the lack of non-wool yarn and because I couldn’t find a basic knitting pattern book – like the Barbara G Walker Treasury type. Mum and I were both hoping that Get Knitted would be selling some Tofutsies yarn but they didn’t bring any. (We’ve since ordered some in their sale and it should be here on Monday.) I did buy two skeins of Koigu KPPPM in a turquoise/sea green/purple colourway (P447) that is wonderful, a ball of red/pink cotton Regia sock yarn, purple dpns, bamboo dpns (wow, they’re bendy!), some lovely buttons and 3 issues of Yarn Forward

I was so excited about the Koigu that I cast on for some toe up socks as soon as I got home. The yarn is lovely and soft and hurrah not itchy, I’ve paused at the end of the toe whilst I pick a pattern that really shows off the lovely colours. I might even design a lace pattern that reminds me of the sea because the colours do.

Knitted River

I also saw the knitted river from I Knit London, knitted to raise money for water aid. I’d seen it in magazines but it’s pretty impressive in real life. Talking of real life, I was quite happily looking at a pattern book on the Knitting magazine stall when suddenly a lady next to me suddenly said “so have you ever bought one of my books?” and I realised I was stood next to Nicky Epstein the author of “Knitting On The Edge” and other books. It was like last year when I saw Lucy Neatby, really cool!

Today I engaged in retail therapy with my friend Bex, we drove to Southampton and I bought 3 skirts, a knitted smock dress, a tank top and a pair of trousers for the winter. Was a really nice morning just hanging out really. And I’m really pleased with my purchases and they weren’t expensive so I don’t have buyer’s guilt.

Alexandra Palace

October 13, 2007

So excited, knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace, London tomorrow. I can’t wait. Just wish I didn’t have to get up at 6am to get there. But it’ll be worth it. This afternoon I cast on some toe up jaywalker socks to knit on the coach. My first time knitting while travelling.

I’m going to knit the widdershins pattern again but have adapted it. I cast on 16 stitches instead of 18 and increased for the toe to 52 stitches round so I have 4 x 13 stitches which is 4 times [k-f/b,k4,dd,k4,k-f/b] for the jaywalker zigzags. Then I’ll do the gusset increases on needles 4 & 3 in the k4 part, so the outside zags get wider. Then I’ll knit the heel as per the widdershins pattern just 2 stitches different. I haven’t decided what to do about the ankle part I’ll probably increase the zigzags to k5s to make it wide enough to get on.

Just been looking at pictures of jaywalker socks from all over the world. It must be so cool to have created a pattern that so many knitters have heard of.

Socks & Stripes

October 6, 2007
Boden stripes Nic Sock
Nic sock boden stripes

Pictures of my new striped purchases from Boden.  An extremely soft purple/yellow striped cardigan that I love. It is 3% angora so slightly itchy to my stupid sensitive skin but to be honest the stripes make it worth it! And a turquoise/green striped v-necked tank top made from lambs wool which is fine as I would always wear it over a shirt. Aren’t the stripes wonderful?

 The sock is the first of the lace socks for my friend Nic, I’m just knitting the gusset on sock 2 so they are progressing nicely. Nic has seen the first one and likes them, which I’m very pleased about.