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Christmas Knitting

December 30, 2007

Spiral Sock

Did you all have a nice Christmas? I did. It was very quiet, just me and my mum but it was really nice to just chill out and not be at work.  I cast on some toe up tofutsie socks on Christmas Eve and have knitted one to just past the heel and the other (using the other end of the ball of yarn) is just about to turn the heel.  I don’t particularly like the colour of the yarn it’s got this weird beige/grey thing going on so I’m intending to make them long socks so I haven’t got any leftovers of icky coloured yarn.  They’ll be comfortable because it’s Tofutsies and I’m sure the colour will grow on me but I thought they would be more black/white and grey than beige with tiny bits of white/black. To make it more interesting I added a spiral pattern that is reversed on the second sock – it’s just a really tiny cable but it seems to have worked (it doesn’t show up that well on the photo).

Little Pixie Joe

I’ve received a couple of pics of Joe in his pixie coat and I’m really pleased that my friends like it.  I did enjoy knitting it and just wish I’d buckled down and sewed it together earlier.  
I’m in the process of doing an i-cord cast on for a mohair sweater/jumper based on the Transparency pattern in Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira. The pattern is by Veronique and I hope it will use up the deep purple and red mohair that I have in my stash.  The only trouble is I’m not pattern shaped, if I use my waist measurement the bust is too small and if I use the bust one the jumper will be huge so I’m going to have to adjust it to me.  So I hope it works and that my maths is up to it. I imagine my version won’t look anything like this picture.

Transparency by Veronique

Sensual Knits is a lovely book, really inspiring. I want to knit the Cleopatra Wrap by Miriam Felton of Mimknits, the Multiplicity sweater by Modalura and I have some Elle Cotton DK that I can use for one of the camisole patterns. I’m so pleased I asked for it for Christmas!


Tis the season

December 22, 2007

To be jolly. I’m on holiday now until 2nd January 2008. I love that I can say I’m off work now until next year. Work party last night, which was an excuse to wear a purple dress and lovely purple heels.  Was great fun and I learnt how to gamble on a roulette table. I even managed to treble my fictional money.

I posted the Christmas pudding hats this week and have had messages from the recipients saying how cute they are, now we just need the babies to arrive to wear them. Both due this week. 

Pixie coat

Finally I have posted the Little Pixie Coat to Joe, I doubt it will arrive before Christmas but at least I’ve sent it.  I reknitted the loop that holds the hood ties together after I took the pics and made it wider and stronger. 

Pixie Coat back

Pattern: Little Pixie Coat from Second Little Sublime Hand Knit Book (Sirdar)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto DK – shade Red
Size: 3-6 months

This was easy to knit, the only fiddly bit was keeping track of the moss stitch on the hood while doing all the decreases and increases for the shaping.  If I knitted it again I would knit a moss stitch band around the bottom to match the ends of the sleeves and the button band, especially as it would prevent the bottom curling up as it does without.  The Debbie Bliss Rialto DK was lovely and soft to knit with.  As this is only my second proper garment I’m extremely proud of it and I can’t wait to find out if Joe’s parents like it too.

I don’t really have a current project and it feels quite weird, I will have to start some socks or something tomorrow to keep me going. I definitely need something on the needles for over Christmas.

5 days

December 15, 2007

christmas decorations

Only a week until Christmas. I’ve been making these all week. I’ve made 10 so far and have 2 left to do.  I needed to complete 8 by today as I’m meeting some friends for a Christmas party and I wanted to be able to put one in each of their Christmas cards. I’m quite please with the way they’ve turned out and they’re not difficult to make. 

Christmas decorations christmas decorations

My i-cord fingers are knitted together and I need to add the thumb now but I’m not letting myself knit until I’ve finished sewing decorations as presents.  I may be able to do some knitting by the middle of the week. Fingers crossed!

10 days….

December 8, 2007

… at work until Christmas. And yes I am counting.  I have finished the cream scarf and just have to sew in the ends and add beads if I’m adding them – I still haven’t decided if I should or not.

I’ve also made two christmas decorations as little gifts and have 7 more to do.  They are patchworky and I like them.  Very simple but look nice and I must finish them off this week.  I’ve also cast on for i-cord finger gloves made of the Koigu KPPPM yarn I got at the knitting and stitching show.  So far I have 3 and a bit fingers. But I have to stop to finish Christmas things that are not for me.  I must have some will power because I’d much rather be learning how to knit gloves. 

 I had a complete reorganise and tidy up last Sunday in preparation for Christmas and have put my tree and decs up already.  My room looks very festive and I’m loving the 4 sets of fairy lights.  I have a fairy light net too so am wondering about putting that up too. I went to a Festival of Christmas Trees at St Thomas’ Church in Salisbury today.  Local groups and schools and brownies and cubs and charities all decorate a Christmas tree and then they are displayed in the church for a week for everyone to see. There is also tea and cakes, and music usually played by local schools. It’s really lovely and a really nice start to December.  I particularly liked a tiny tree made entirely of beads that was about 5 inches high and one tree that was decorated with all the baubles in colour order like a rainbow.  I wasn’t able to take photos unfortunately but there were 90 trees in all to look at.  One tree was very funny, it was a candle stand with 4 huge baubles where the candles should be and it was labelled “senior moment, remembered the baubles but forgot the *?!@ tree”.  The baubles were lovely covered in sequins and it made everyone laugh. 

I saw a dvd of The Box Of Delights today, it was a series  in 1984 made by the BBC of the book by John Masefield.  I absolutely loved it at the time (I was 9) and was completely scared aswell as thoroughly loving it.  I didn’t buy it but I think I may pop back into town tomorrow to get it. 


December 1, 2007

Happy 1st December!! I’m so excited, I love Christmas and it’s the start of advent today. I was up a ladder to my mum’s attic this afternoon to get my Christmas Tree so I can put it up this week. I have a very nice artificial tree that’s about 4ft tall and I usually decorate it in traditional colours but with purple/turquoise aswell.  I may even buy a new set of fairy lights as in my opinion (and Meg Ryan’s in “You’ve Got Mail”) you can never have too many fairy lights.

The cream scarf is doing well but it looks slightly different to the picture I posted last week. On Sunday I realised that I hated the moss stitch section at the end and unravelled the whole thing again. It is now just 50 stitches wide on size 5mm needles and is a 2×2 rib and at the moment it’s about 30 inches long and I’ve just started the third and final ball of yarn.  It feels lovely and soft and the rib means it drapes really well for a cosy scarf which is exactly what I wanted. So I think this is it’s final incarnation.  I should get it finished very soon. Then I will just have to decide whether or not to add some silver beads or not.