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Socks In The City

May 31, 2008

Well another crap week at work is over.  I think they are getting successively worse.  I’ve pretty much written May off as a very bad month work-wise.  I cast on this lace sock in tofutsies last weekend and that’s the progress I’ve made this week.  I did do some knitting during one lunch break this week, I knitted two rows and then realised that the first one I did was the wrong row of the 4 row pattern repeat so I had to unknit both rows, I managed to knit the first row again correctly and then it was time to go back to my desk.  Progress 1 row! not a great knitting lunch really.

I did go to see the new Indiana Jones film though and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was everything that I hoped and expected.  I wasn’t at all disappointed.  If there is a list of criteria for an Indy film it ticked every box. Ace!!!

Then this afternoon I saw the Sex And The City film which I also loved.  I did cry on several occasions during it.  The clothes and shoes in it were fantastic, particularly the blue silk manolo blahnik shoes that Carrie buys.  And there was a lovely shot of her wearing a maroon knitted scarf on the stoop of her apartment that had my friend and I turning to each other to say “nice knitwear”.  If you loved the series you will love the film.  I do have an extreme case of closet and shoe envy though.


Spiralling out of control

May 24, 2008

Yet another really crap week at work. I’m so busy I can’t remember anything and too tired in the evening so I’ve hardly done any knitting this week. But enough about that as it’s a 3 day weekend!! Last Sunday I finished knitting the second end of my Juno Regina wrap by Miriam Felton, I grafted both pieces together using kitchener stitch and then on Monday I blocked it pinned to a towel on my bedroom floor.

It’s not completely flat but I’ve come to the conclusion that A) I have unrealistic expectations of blocking; B) double knitting yarn even silk will never block as well as laceweight; C) it doesn’t matter because it’s beautifully soft and I love it!!

I did knit some of the little pinafore but haven’t taken any pics for you yet.  I just have to knit around the edges of the neck/shoulder straps and add buttons and it’s done.  (Note to self: Buy Buttons!!)
On Friday we had a multicoloured casual dress day so I wore knee length rainbow striped socks (commercial not hand knitted I’m afraid), one blue shoe and a matching red shoe.  When I was picking out this outfit on Thursday night (and no I don’t chose my clothes the night before every day, it was a one off because of the multicoloured theme) I was reminded that two years ago I bought 8 or 9 balls of Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in various bright colours. They were bought so that I could crochet a bag for use in the summer but I have never done it. I got into knitting and the balls of cotton were shoved in a bag in my wardrobe. Well I’ve dug them out and I think I’ve finally decided how to make the bag that I want. I’m going to crochet spirals of various sizes and then crochet them together into a bag shape.

Here are my first two spirals in progress. I’ve started each colour with 4 single crochets, then 4 doubles and then into trebles so that the spirals start tiny and grow and it also helped keep it round when I joined on the second and third colours.

Blue Shoes Of Happiness!

May 17, 2008

Another really busy and not-much-fun week at work.  Thursday was only bearable because these shoes arrived in the post and I was able to put them on straight away!

For the rest of the day I just had to catch a glimpse of my new blue shoes and I felt happy, so they have become my “Blue Shoes Of Happiness” like the book by Alexander McCall Smith.  The wonderful Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino yarn stuffed inside them in the photo, came on Friday from The Woolly Workshop. It’s the Wild Cherry shade which I chose to match a skirt I bought at the start of April and it goes beautifully. I can’t wait to knit my second Demeter with it.
Look at my sunflowers!

They’re really shot up because of all the sunshine we had last week.  Unfortunately number 4 (just out of shot on the right) isn’t doing so well and I’m afraid he may not go the distance.  ;o(
My friends came back from holiday yesterday so my house/cat sitting finished but I had a lovely two weeks in their house and really enjoyed looking after Coleman the ginger cat.  It was really nice and quiet – a real tonic after the crappy weeks I had at work. As a thank you Nic and David bought me the most wonderful bag, which I LOVE.  It’s so nice and apart from looking great it has a nice practical strap and lots of pockets to keep keys and things separate so you don’t have to root about in the bottom of the bag under all your other stuff to find them.  See how lovely it is?


It says “unusual, offbeat and cute as a button” on the pocket which I totally agree with. It’s a Bobbypin bag by Jeffrey Fulvinari who is the guy who illustrated The English Roses by Madonna.

Other crafts

May 11, 2008

Hey! This is what I’ve been doing this week.  Yesterday I made this necklace and earrings, I bought the green/yellow centre bead from The Bead Shop in London and finally got around to buying some small round beads and green tiger tail to go with them. 

Last Sunday I had a play with my sewing machine and produced this:

I’m not sure what it’s going to be it’s a layer of sheer polyester over some scraps of gold/yellow/orange silks/polyester and then I intend to cut in the squares and triangles to show the underneath scraps through.  I may turn it into a book cover or a small zipped purse or maybe even a needle case.  But at the moment I know how people feel before they cut their steeks when they are knitting norwegian jumpers as I really don’t want to cut something that I spent time on creating.  I keep telling myself if I don’t do it you will never see the lovely oranges/yellows underneath but so far I still haven’t cut it.  Stupid huh?

I haven’t knitted as much as I’d like this week, work’s been too busy to knit at lunch and it’s quite difficult to knit while Coleman the cat is around as he insists on sitting on my lap or leaning on me.  I did manage to wind a skein of Pure Silk into a ball while he was asleep one evening so I can continue with Juno this week.  I’m trying to finish the baby pinafore before my friend’s baby grows too big for it, and it’s quite relaxing just knitting round and round and round…..  

Cuckoo Fair

May 3, 2008

Hobbie Horses before the race on St George’s Day – I thought you might want to see them in action!

And they're off!!

Yay for Bank Holiday weekends. I love having three days off work without using up a day of my holiday.  I went to the Downton Cuckoo Fair which must be one of the biggest Village fetes ever.  They close the entire street through Downton and there are stalls (250 apparently!) and craft tents, a brass band, a may pole, morris dancing, food stalls, plant stalls and loads and loads of people.  They also have a beer and ale festival in the local pub. I didn’t know why it was called the Cuckoo Fair so I’ve just looked it up and “Traditionally the arrival of the cuckoo was seen as the onset of good weather and the Downton tradition of ‘opening the gate’ to let the cuckoo through is the basis of the fair.” And they crown one of the local girls as the Cuckoo Princess for the weekend.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to be continuing my jazz education (BTW I’ve decided to like jazz this year, I do this occasionally I decided to like wine three years ago but I gave up in the end as I just don’t enjoy drinking it) by going to the Big Band Brunch at Salisbury Arts Centre where I shall listen to the Chris Holmes Big Band whilst eating brunch and knitting.  I’ve cast on a little pinafore dress so that I have some knitting to do that is less complicated than my Juno Regina lace wrap.  Although saying that I’m on the middle section of the wrap and have memorised the pattern so in theory I could take that with me to knit. 

From Monday I will be house and cat sitting for a friend while she is on holiday and so tomorrow I will have to pack enough knitting to keep me occupied.  It does mean that I get to spend quality time with Coleman who is a beautiful ginger tom cat, and the most laid back moggy I’ve ever met – it really won’t be hardship to look after him.