Panic sets in!!!

There has been progress.  But nowhere near as much as I hoped for.  I knitted loads of the sleeve on the right last Saturday night and Sunday while firmly ensconced in front of the telly.  I watched a cheesy ballroom dancing film to get me in the mood for Strictly Come Dancing which started again last night.  There was no knitting at ALL from Monday-Wednesday, mainly because I was totally shattered after work.  Hopefully work will be less stressful going forward but I’m not holding my breath! 

Suddenly it was Thursday and almost the end of another week and I really started to panic.  Next week I’m busy most evenings so I’ve pretty much got to do the bulk of the knitting by the end of Monday night.  So frantic knitting ensued on Thursday and then last night during Strictly…  I’ve got the first sleeve to almost the shoulder and have cast on the second which is about 4 inches long at the moment.  More Strictly tonight should mean that I make good progress on sleeve 2 but it really is going to be a close run thing………

P.S. Brenda was on the plinth today, watch it here!



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