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FO: Bluey/turquoise hat

January 30, 2010

Blue Poppy hat finished in a weekend.  I could have finished it on Saturday afternoon but although it is labelled as DK yarn the Sirdar Escape knitted up quite a bit bigger than the purple hat I made last year with some Debbie Bliss DK yarn.  When I tried it on after doing the cast of it was massive, it covered my eyes!  So you will notice that there are only 5 sections on this version and the purple one had 6.  That was the easiest way of making it smaller, I ripped back the rib picked up the provisional cast on stitches, ripped back one segment and then redid the 1×1 rib.  And then cast off again using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off which is perfect for a hat as it doesn’t grip your head too tight. Et voila! A bluey/turquoise hat to go with my blue Aeolian shawl.  I still need to find a brooch, badge, button or something to put on the fastening but apart from that c’est fini.  I’ve been wearing it to work this week and have had so many comments about how nice it is.  Don’tcha just love it when that happens? And don’tcha love saying “thank you, I made it!” 

One of my friends loved it so much she asked me to knit another for her so her is another slightly different shade of Sirdar Escape DK which will become a hat for Laura this weekend.  Her head is bigger than mine so I’m going to knit the 6 segments and it should fit her perfectly. 

This week I’ve made two birthday cards, one for my mum and one for my boss.  I painted a picture so I hope that they both like it.  It was peculiar though, I often make presents for people but when I thought about the possibility of either of them throwing away the card I’ve made I was much more bothered about it than if I made a bead necklace for someone and knew they never wore it.  I think it’s because I put more of myself into a picture/painting and because I didn’t buy the constituent parts i.e. beads for it. I will post a picture of the card but not until after mum’s birthday so she doesn’t see it early.

And today I made this:

I bought a necklace from Accessorise in the sale last month for £4.80 which had 5 vintage-looking brooch pendants on it.  My intention was to break it up into bits and make 5 separate necklaces.  This is the first.  The pendant in the centre was from the necklace as was the chain and catch, I added some brown facetted beads and bead cups and here we have a brown vintage set.

I’ve bought some more chain, beads, findings and bits and bobs to go with the other pieces but haven’t quite figured out what they are going to be yet.  This was the easy one!!


Tilly’s OpArt – Finished!!!

January 23, 2010

It’s washed and blocked, now I just need to deliver it to Tilly’s mum.  I blocked it with a wavy edge as I couldn’t have made it square even if I wanted to.  But I didn’t really want to. I quite like the wavy edges. 

I’m knitting another poppy hat for myself, a blue one to go with the blue lace shawl I made.  I figured I’d be more likely to wear it if I had a matching coloured hat.  It’s made of Sirdar Escape dk which looks like this:

The yarn is from Marmalade Yarns, Frome, Somerset as mum and I went on a mini adventure yesterday.  We also bought a lot of beads in Beadz Bazaar which is also on Catherine Hill.  It’s a really interesting street with an eclectic group of shops and a lovely cafe at the bottom which does fab toasted sandwiches. Mum got chatting to Maxine in the wool shop as they are both from Warrington, Cheshire. And as a result we went to a local butchers and got some tomato sausages which are EXTREMELY difficult to get down south. The wool shop is tiny but is really nice and they even have a blog so you can keep up to date with new stock/sales etc. 

The bead shop gets most of their stock from India and the east so it was quite different from the beads I usually get in Bijoux in Salisbury.  I’m in the process of making some tarnished gold necklaces and couldn’t get jump rings or other findings in the right colour but they had some so problem solved!!

Charity Beads

January 16, 2010

Halfway through January already, I have no idea where the time has gone.  I didn’t realise it was so long since I had blogged.
 There has been knitting just not writing about it.  Over Christmas I finished the OpArt blanket for Tilly and a cardigan I was knitting for my mum.  They both need washing and blocking, so no photos yet.
Before Christmas I made these necklaces for our charity raffle at work, and the recipients seemed really pleased with them.

I made this red/green one first as the beads were Christmas colours and I thought it would make a nice present in case whomever won it didn’t like it for themselves.
Then I was given a bag of black beads to make a second necklace so I tried to make something in a different style – something I wouldn’t normally wear. So this is what came out. But weirdly I ended up really liking it. I guess it’s impossible to make something I don’t like.

This week I’ve made another black/gold/pearl necklace for a work colleague’s birthday. I just hope she likes it!
And as I spent the last few months knitting for other people so far this year I’ve been knitting a pair of dead simple lace socks with the Zauberball wool I got at the knitting and stitching show. The lace pattern is from Wendy Johnson’s toe up sock book and I’m using the widdershins pattern as usual. However, I have used a different bind off. Brenda of Cast On raved about this bind off so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off from Autumn 2009. And you HAVE to try it, it really is stretchy. There’s no funny ruffle around the top of the rib, I don’t need to make extra stitches just before the bind off and it’s REALLY STRETCHY. I love it! Thank you Jeny!!!