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February 27, 2010

Laura loved her yoga mat bag so much she’s asked me to knit another one to give to our friend Sarah on her birthday next month!! It’s very similar to Laura’s but as I was using up all the ends of the cotton dk the colour bands aren’t as even and the strap is pink/purple but at least that means they won’t pick up the wrong bag at their yoga class.  I shall say that it was deliberate!

I should start going to yoga myself as I’m sure it would help my sore back/shoulder but I keep forgetting to book.  I can be so useless sometimes. 

Knitting group tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone.  It’s lovely to have a group, I’d wanted to go to one for sooooooo long and now we’re properly established it’s great!

Oh and in other news, my necklace commissions were gratefully received by both wives on Valentine’s day.  It would be so nice if I could actually make a living from doing creative things instead of what I do now.  sigh – if only…….



February 13, 2010

Finished Simple Lace Socks knitted in Zauberball wool.  I love these, they have turned out perfect.  The JSSBO works brilliantly making the cuff super stretchy.


In January I made a necklace as a present for a colleague and as a result I got two commissions to make these as valentine’s presents for two lucky wives.  I just hope they like them!!

I made this today for mum, she picked out the beads and then I’ve just taught myself how to do wirework.  I think it’s worked out pretty well.  She likes it so that’s the main thing.  It’s nice to learn a new skill especially as I wouldn’t have made one for myself. 

And last night I made this for myself. The pearl and black square elements were part of a necklace I bought in Accessorise and then dismantled. The brown center piece I used last week was also from the same necklace. There are two pieces left for me to turn into two new necklaces. I’ve got ideas but they’re still developing.

This is an Om Yoga Bag (pattern from Stitch n Bitch Nation) made for Laura as she got a yoga mat for her birthday.