My name isn’t Squiblet but it’s one of my nicknames so I thought I would use it for my blog. And to be honest I couldn’t think of anything witty. I wish I could think of something like Pixie purls or Army of Knitters but I couldn’t.  

I like knitting, crochet, and the latest craft to grab my attention. I’m a voracious reader and love children’s books. My favourite colour is purple and I like cooking.

I love anything about New York, I got to go when I was 21 and it was fantastic, lived up to all my expectations. It started in 1987 when I was 12 and first read Remember Me To Harold Square by Paula Danziger, it’s about three kids who are given a scavenger hunt around Manhattan to do in their summer holiday. From that moment on I wanted to go to New York and see the Statue of Liberty, World Trade Centre, Empire State Building and the list is endless. Then I read 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff which is the letters of a writer in NY to a bookshop in London. Ever since then I’ve watched as many films or TV programmes set in NY and read all the books I can find. When I finally went I spent 6 weeks planning the 5 day trip with a big map of Manhattan stuck to the back of my bedroom door with stickers on all the places I wanted to see. My favourite NY films are: Manhattan, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail (combines children’s books with NY always a winner for me!), On The Town and Big. My favourite books are the two I’ve already mentioned and Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith and everything Helene Hanff wrote.

 I like to wear shoes that match the clothes that I am wearing, for instance I’m wearing a lime green top now and I have lime green sparkly pumps on and green jewellery. I think it comes from watching MGM musicals when I was little. I loved the costumes that the women wore in films like Singing In The Rain and On The Town, I remember Cyd Charisse wearing a green dress with green shoes AND green stockings while she sang to Gene Kelly during the Broadway Melody sequence. And Debbie Reynolds in a blue dress wearing blue shoes with bows on. So if I wear a red top I try to wear red shoes, and pink tops mean black shoes with a pink flower on, purple tops = purple shoes or purple sparkly shoes. And if I can’t wear shoes that match I’ll make my socks match!!!


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