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There has been knitting I promise

August 2, 2008

I know I haven’t blogged for two weeks but I have been knitting and I made some jewellery too.  Works in progress on the knitting front are:

1) Blue lacy tofutsies are still on the needles, I haven’t finished either of them though.

2) Wild Cherry Demeter is still paused and I haven’t even looked at it for weeks. I seem to have knitter’s-block with this one.

3) I’ve cast on an jumper that I’m going to knit using the Elizabeth Zimmermann percentage system. It’s made of a purple acrylic that my mum bought me to make a winter jumper.  I did play with the idea of knitting a cabled hoodie with it but cables just don’t show up very well on the dark colour.  So it’s going to be a plain stocking stitch jumper knit in the round and will have a round or slashed neck I hope.  So far I’ve knitted 83 rows and have tried the tube on and it seems to be fitting well. (pic is from last weekend)

Two of my friends have just had babies so I decided to give knitting baby booties a go for the instant gratification and quick knitability factors.  I found a pattern by Debbie Bliss, in a supplement of baby patterns with Simply Knitting, but it was knit on straight needles with two lots of casting off and reattaching the yarn to pick up stitches and then there was sewing up at the end.  I wasn’t having that! I had a think and decided that I could knit it in the round and use an idea from the widdershins sock heel for knitting the sole.  And it worked!!

I cast on 32 stitches for the ankle part in the round on dpns and knitted the folded over cuff section, then I knit some rows of 1×1 rib so that it’s all elastic to stay on the little feet!

Then you knit backwards and forth on the middle section for the top of the foot, then pick up stitches on the sides of this part and knit all the way round for the side, then knit back and forth from toe to heel on the sole doing k2togs at either end until you have reached the heel and have the same amount of stitches from the back of the foot as on the needle that was knitting the sole and kitchener stitch the two sets together. Voila! one bootie with absolutely no sewing at all (in my world kitchener is not sewing because it’s fake knitting!) And on Saturday I was able to try them on Oliver who is 3 months old and they fit perfectly.

I was given a voucher for a bead shop for my birthday and I’ve finally spent it after several visits to shop to do research so that I got the most out of my £10. I bought some pink and red heart beads to make this necklace and earring set to go with the skirt that the Wild Cherry Demeter is intended to go with if I EVER finish it.

It took a couple of evenings to make the heart jewellery as I had to twist every single piece of wire in it individually, which by half way through was giving me the “why did I decide to do it like this?” feeling. But I think it was worth it in the end.
I also bought some wooden beads to make a bracelet and some pink/turquoise beads to make some jewellery to go with another two skirts I bought in a sale recently. I’ll post pics when I get round to making them.


FO: Smockie for Mia

July 12, 2008

I’ve actually done some knitting this week.  On Sunday I put the solitary blue lacey tofutsies sock on with some shoes and decided it would make quite a nice knee length sock instead of ankle length so I have continued knitting and have started increasing some stitches between the lace panels for calf shaping.  The only trouble is, as usual, because I’m making it up as I go along I’m a bit hesitant to go storming ahead without thinking about it.  So in the meantime I’ve pulled out the middle of the ball of yarn and have begun the second sock.  So yet again I have two socks being knitted from the same ball of yarn and all the tangles that come with it!! When will I ever learn? Probably never.  The lace pattern is a simple 4 row repeat which is very easy to remember.  Then I need to decide what cuff to do as I’m bored with just 2×2 rib.

Smockie for Mia being blocked as I’ve finally finished all the knitting and added some cute ladybird buttons. I did a single crochet around the neckline in the end as I didn’t like the effect when I picked up stitches as the instructions said.

I knitted in London

April 12, 2008

Hello!!! I’ve had a very knitty week, it’s been really great. I didn’t get any other craftiness done unfortunately as I had a throat infection aswell and there was definitely no cycling involved – too tiring. Typical, only I would get properly ill when off work. Nevermind I went to the docs and started taking a course of penicillin really quickly as I didn’t want being ill to spoil my week. Let me see what have I done this week….

First there was a trip to Get Knitted where I bought 3 skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in a wonderful shade called Soft Purple, 3 pig buttons for the baby jumper and one ball of Tofutsies (just because it was on sale). I also looked at Colinette Jitterbug and Koigu as I don’t seem to itch much around merino wool – I think it may be the answer to my wanting to knit in wool problem.

3 little pigs jumper

Then I had no excuse not to finish the baby jumper in green so I grafted the left shoulder together and picked up stitches around the neck.  The pattern then said cast off.  Just cast off, no knitting just cast off. Well I do not like picking up stitches and it usually takes me quite a while to get the right amount even for a small item like a baby jumper so I wasn’t just going to “cast off”. I knitted two rows and THEN I cast off.  It looks fine and because of the cute pig buttons on the shoulder it won’t make the neck too tight.  I’d been calling it “jumper for Piglet” as Claire has been calling her bump “piglet” for most of her pregnancy, and now I’ve aptly renamed it The Three Little Pigs jumper, you’ll see why when I post a picture.

Pig buttons

It’s been blocked and is sooooooooooo soft it’s lovely – but it is Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk so it should be. I will put it in the post on Monday and it’s perfect timing as Piglet is due to arrive on Wednesday.

pure silktofutsies

I’ve chosen a pattern to knit with the soft purple silk, I was torn between the Cleopara Wrap from the Sensual Knits book by Miriam Felton, the Tuscany wrap in No Sheep For You by Amy R Singer or the Juno Regina wrap in Knitty also by Miriam Felton. I looked at all three patterns and finally decided on Juno Regina as I like the diamonds on the ends and because you only have to cast on 3 stitches. I’ve practiced with some spare DK yarn as the silk is DK and the size/gauge seems to be ok. I did have a slight issue with yarn overs but after some research on ravelry today I’m fairly confident I can attempt the pattern now with the silk yarn. I could do yarn overs between knit stitches but near purl stitches or what to do with knitting double yarn overs just threw me completely. All sorted now though.


My trip to London was a complete success, inspite of the weathermen/ladies insisting it would rain the weather was lovely all day. I took out my knitting on the train and it prompted comments and then conversation from the three ladies sat at my table so I was completely chuffed about that and I made good progress on some socks for mum. The American Scene exhibition at the British Museum was really interesting, it was prints from the first half of the 20th century and showed american architecture and life in general. I love the British Museum, especially the staircases around the central reading room. I had a wander around Covent Garden, met a nice family in Starbucks, bought lovely beads in the bead shop on Tower Street, got a book in Forbidden Planet, some nice loose tea in The Tea House on Neal Street, a Little My mouse mat and Totoro stamp in Magma on Earlham Street, two knitting magazines in Borders and spent 30 mins sitting on the floor in the knitting section reading while killing time before I met up with Nic.

Little My mouse mat

After work Nic met me at the London Eye and we walked around the back of Waterloo Station to iKnit London’s new shop to go to their weekly knitting group. Neither Nic or I had been to a knitting group before and we both really enjoyed it. It was exactly how I had envisioned it, lots of people sat around knitting and chatting. The shop was smaller than I thought but big enough for 20 people to sit and knit in!! Look pics of Thursday! Some of the ladies were doing hyperbolic crochet for the Institute of Figuring’s Crochet Coral Reef Project whilst others were knitting their own projects.  I just wish I lived closer so that I could go more often.  It’s really inspired Nic and I to start up our own knitting group in Salisbury.  I bought an Addi circular needle to knit Juno Regina and I’m so pleased with how nice it is to knit with.  The cable doesn’t twist at all unlike some of my other circular needles.  I got home at 10pm after a really nice day and it started to rain as I walked in the door – perfect timing!

A big mistake and corsetted teens

March 15, 2008

I’ve made a totally stupid mistake with the baby jumper!

I decided to be clever and knit the preppie in green jumper in the round avoiding sewing as many seams as possible. This was fine except I didn’t stop knitting in the round far enough down the sides of the jumper body.  I split my knitting when the neck shaping started and quite merrily knitted the front left neck shaping/shoulder, then the right front shoulder and then the back left …. you get my drift.  Then I knitted a sleeve, folded it in half and held it up against the body and ta daaaaaa the sleeve is twice as deep as my arm hole. I’m such an idiot. 

Then I knitted sleeve 2 whilst pretending to be oblivious to my mistake and part of me thinking oh it’ll work out OK.  Well I finished the second sleeve yesterday and now have to face up to frogging the little neck/shoulder bits and unknitting the body until I can fit the sleeves then I’ll have to split it and knit straight for about 1.5 inches before doing all the neck/shoulder parts again. As Homer Simpson would say “Doh!”

Luckily I’m knitting in tiny 0-3 month size so I have plenty of yarn left to fix my mistakes.

Last Friday I received a wonderful thing.  My friend Claudia works in the Children’s department at the head office of a large chain of bookshops and occasionally sends me a box of books and last Friday a really good haul arrived.  It was like Christmas all over again. So this week I’ve read:


The Luxe by Ann Godbersen – set in Manhattan in 1899 it’s the goings on above and below stairs in society famillies and is quite scandalous. It’s more like Gossip Girl than Pride & Prejudiced that’s for certain. One reviewer on Amazon likened it to Sex In The City in even more sumptuous dresses. It was extremely readable and I loved it.
Savvy by Ingrid Law – Mibs’ family are different to everyone else, when they reach their 13th birthdays they receive their ‘savvy’, this is a talent that is out of the ordinary.  Read this book to find out what Mibs’ savvy is and what happens when she gets it.  It’s very funny and moving and reminded me of the film “Little Miss Sunshine”.
The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray – the final book in a trilogy set in the 1890s about a young girl who is shipped from India to a boarding school in England when her mother dies. There she discovers her destiny and ability to enter the spirit world. It’s also full of all the trials and tribulations of being a teenager who doesn’t fit in. I’ve loved this series and can’t wait to finish this final part.


Claudia also sent me two new editions of Diana Wynne Jones books that I love – The Game and Witch Week AND a Cleverclogs Momiji doll. The cover of The Game is illustrated by Rob Ryan who does paper cuts that are wonderful. 

Apple Green Scarf

February 9, 2008


This is the lovely Apple Green scarf that my mum knitted for me last week. And this is the best picture I could take of me wearing it but I still look awful.  When we were in Bournemouth the other week I saw a very long scarf knitted in a lace pattern that I really liked it but as my coat is black I wanted it in a contrasting colour like bright red or blue and they only had it in black.  So I measured how long and wide it was and mentally made a note to recreate it in a colour I liked.  Well mum actually did something about it (unlike me) and last weekend she presented me with this lovely apple green scarf made of two balls of Sirdar Snuggle DK.  As I’m wool-itchy she picked the Snuggly DK because it’s made of nylon and acrylic but feels lovely and soft.  It’s been a great success and I’ve worn it everyday since. 


Then at 5am this morning I woke up and suddenly decided to get some more of the same yarn to knit myself matching gloves and possibly a hat. In bed while I was trying to get back to sleep I decided to knit i-cord fingers and a top down glove with the same lace pattern as the scarf on the back of the glove and then possibly knit them with long arms with the same pattern all the way round. So I’ve bought two balls of yarn and cast on 3 fingers so far.
KIP tomorrow afternoon with my friend Nic and I shall continue with my glove knitting.
I’m still knitting the baby jumper but I’m not too sure about it yet. Will see how it goes, I think I’m knitting too loosely.

Curly points

February 2, 2008

Demeter is finished! I finished it last Saturday evening and then blocked it on Sunday as I was intending on wearing it to work on Monday. BUT the little points around the bottom lace border just wouldn’t stay flat and kept curling under and I’d blocked it a little big so I reblocked it on Monday evening and completely left it alone until Tuesday evening. I pinned out ALL of the little points along the bottom and then put it on Wednesday morning and SPROING all the points curled under!!! GRRRRR what can I do?


I kind of understand that it happening because the border is knitted sideways so it’s curling under like the sides of stocking stitch always do, but how do I stop it doing it? I’ve looked at the pictures of Miriam’s original camisole on Ravelry and her points are beautifully straight and pointy. I guess it could be because I used Elle Cotton Fields DK instead of the ShibuiKnits Sock yarn that Miriam used.  But surely there’s something I can do. It makes me feel like I wasted time making little triangles when noone can see them.  But apart from that I love it, it’s really comfortable and I got some nice comments about it at work. 


NEW WIP: Sublime “Preppie” jumper for a baby who is due in April.  But I don’t have any pictures yet as my camera batteries keep dying on me.  I don’t have much luck with electrical goods and rechargeable batteries.

red coat If you’re in Bath in the next few weeks have a look at the Blue And White exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery. Three artists have created work inspired by blue and white china – Kaffe Fassett, Candace Bahouth and Carole Waller. Candace Bahouth’s mosaic shoes are really amazing. I went today and then afterwards bought this wonderful corduroy red coat in Marks And Spencers. It was the last one and was in my size so it must be destiny! And it looks wonderful with the apple green scarf my mum knitted me this week.  

Battling January Blues With Knitting

January 12, 2008

So how was everyone’s first week back at work? Mine was quite dull, it was really difficult to be motivated.  Partly because the weather was very gloomy and dull – I think the sun only came out two or three times and partly because it’s that post-Christmas-nothing-much-to-look-forward-to-spring-feels-so-far-away time.  I did try to be positive and think that the nights are getting shorter and it’s lighter for slightly longer but it feels so miserable getting up when it’s dark and getting home from work in the dark. 

I have been knitting all week though! I started the week by doing some more of the legs on the Tofutsies “I hate this colour” socks, and then decided completely out of the blue to knit a Calorimetry Hat for my friend Keirsten as I love the pattern (I knitted it twice last year) and I had a ball of Twilley’s Freedom Spirit in a red/orange/brown shade (Fire 502) that I couldn’t use for myself as it makes me itchy.  Also, the Calorimetry hat is designed for people with long hair so they can keep their head warm whilst wearing their hair tidied back and as I no longer have long hair I can’t really wear one now. Anyway, I cast on on Sunday night before bed, and then knit through my lunchbreak on Monday, knit Monday evening for awhile (I also took down my Christmas decorations and tree) and then knit on Tuesday at lunch and finished it in the evening. I think it probably took me around 3-4 hours to knit and I love the way the colours have turned out with the short row pattern.  This morning I found a yellow button to bring out the orange tones in the yarn and when I’ve sewn it on I shall send it to K in Bristol so she can keep her head warm on the way to work!

Then on Tuesday evening I decided I liked knitting at work on my lunch as it was a really nice break from work (which I don’t really enjoy) and something to look forward to all morning, so I cast on for the Demeter top by Miriam Felton in the Sensual Knits book .  The Transparency jumper hadn’t progressed since New Year’s Eve and I think it’s because I’m not fond of knitting with mohair so I’ve put it on hold temporarily.  I had some lilac Elle Cotton Fields DK in my stash so I grabbed a 3.25mm circular and knitted a bit to see what the gauge would be and then matched it to one of the vest/tank patterns in the Sensual Knits book.  The gauge matched the Demeter pattern and SURPRISE!! the measurements on the schematic matched my body shape so I quickly learnt how to do a provisional cast on and it was all systems go.  I have almost knit to the waist and it’s going well so far. I’ve knitted at work every day whilst listening to Cast On and although I only have time to do a few rows it’s lovely to switch off from work and be creative. 

I did have a slight “incident” on Wednesday evening though – I was in a lazy mood so I put a pizza in the oven for my dinner and then went back to my knitting. BIG MISTAKE! I got so involved I completely forgot about the pizza and only remembered 10 minutes after it should have been cooked. It was very burnt and extremely crispy but not totally inedible. So I’m afraid I put ketchup on it and ate it anyway. I’m hoping I’ll learn from this and never burn my dinner because of my knitting again. ;o)

P.S. I bought 6 balls of Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK in shade Dilly (a moss green) in a LYS sale – 20% off this morning. Another friend is expecting a boy in April so it will be just perfect.

Christmas Knitting

December 30, 2007

Spiral Sock

Did you all have a nice Christmas? I did. It was very quiet, just me and my mum but it was really nice to just chill out and not be at work.  I cast on some toe up tofutsie socks on Christmas Eve and have knitted one to just past the heel and the other (using the other end of the ball of yarn) is just about to turn the heel.  I don’t particularly like the colour of the yarn it’s got this weird beige/grey thing going on so I’m intending to make them long socks so I haven’t got any leftovers of icky coloured yarn.  They’ll be comfortable because it’s Tofutsies and I’m sure the colour will grow on me but I thought they would be more black/white and grey than beige with tiny bits of white/black. To make it more interesting I added a spiral pattern that is reversed on the second sock – it’s just a really tiny cable but it seems to have worked (it doesn’t show up that well on the photo).

Little Pixie Joe

I’ve received a couple of pics of Joe in his pixie coat and I’m really pleased that my friends like it.  I did enjoy knitting it and just wish I’d buckled down and sewed it together earlier.  
I’m in the process of doing an i-cord cast on for a mohair sweater/jumper based on the Transparency pattern in Sensual Knits by Yahaira Ferreira. The pattern is by Veronique and I hope it will use up the deep purple and red mohair that I have in my stash.  The only trouble is I’m not pattern shaped, if I use my waist measurement the bust is too small and if I use the bust one the jumper will be huge so I’m going to have to adjust it to me.  So I hope it works and that my maths is up to it. I imagine my version won’t look anything like this picture.

Transparency by Veronique

Sensual Knits is a lovely book, really inspiring. I want to knit the Cleopatra Wrap by Miriam Felton of Mimknits, the Multiplicity sweater by Modalura and I have some Elle Cotton DK that I can use for one of the camisole patterns. I’m so pleased I asked for it for Christmas!

Tis the season

December 22, 2007

To be jolly. I’m on holiday now until 2nd January 2008. I love that I can say I’m off work now until next year. Work party last night, which was an excuse to wear a purple dress and lovely purple heels.  Was great fun and I learnt how to gamble on a roulette table. I even managed to treble my fictional money.

I posted the Christmas pudding hats this week and have had messages from the recipients saying how cute they are, now we just need the babies to arrive to wear them. Both due this week. 

Pixie coat

Finally I have posted the Little Pixie Coat to Joe, I doubt it will arrive before Christmas but at least I’ve sent it.  I reknitted the loop that holds the hood ties together after I took the pics and made it wider and stronger. 

Pixie Coat back

Pattern: Little Pixie Coat from Second Little Sublime Hand Knit Book (Sirdar)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto DK – shade Red
Size: 3-6 months

This was easy to knit, the only fiddly bit was keeping track of the moss stitch on the hood while doing all the decreases and increases for the shaping.  If I knitted it again I would knit a moss stitch band around the bottom to match the ends of the sleeves and the button band, especially as it would prevent the bottom curling up as it does without.  The Debbie Bliss Rialto DK was lovely and soft to knit with.  As this is only my second proper garment I’m extremely proud of it and I can’t wait to find out if Joe’s parents like it too.

I don’t really have a current project and it feels quite weird, I will have to start some socks or something tomorrow to keep me going. I definitely need something on the needles for over Christmas.


November 24, 2007

Well my week off is almost over, back to the boring office on Monday. I’d much rather stay home and knit. I’ve had a really nice relaxing week and feel like my batteries are definitely recharged. 

I took the train to London on Tuesday and rushed around in the drizzle all day trying to get to all the shops on my list. I will NOT be doing that again it wasn’t much fun I wish I’d waited to go on Thursday when the weather was cold but sunny – just the winter weather I like. I did have lunch with my friend Em near Euston as that’s where she works.  It was lovely to catch up properly as I haven’t seen her for ages. I think the best part of my day was on the train to and from London, I cast on a Christmas Pudding baby hat the night before and knitted one row and then knit all the way to Waterloo whilst listening to my iPod.  I got the entire brown section done on the way and on the way home Nic and I knitted/chatted (she works in London too) and finished the cream and red sections. Voila one finished baby hat on one day’s train travel.  So far this week I’ve knitted three baby hats, they are so quick to knit I love it.  I do need to get some green yarn to make some holly leaves though.

baby hats

I also went in John Lewis on Oxford Street to the yarn section and bought some cream Sirdar Baby Bamboo to make a scarf as a Christmas present.  I don’t know why but I seem to have real problems knitting scarfs, I bought some yarn last year in really perfect colours for my friend Bex and then knitted it, crochetted it and crochetted it again and it is still in balls now as I never managed to turn it into the scarf I imagined no matter how I tried.  I may try again this winter as I’d like it to be a hot water bottle cover for her now.  It’s such a shame because the yarn is such PERFECT colours for her. She will love it, if I ever make it into something.  It’s lucky she’s my best friend as I’ve got decades to knit it for her. 

Anyway, this year’s scarf was to be a simple 2×2 rib and then I decided to add a moss stitch section at either end to sew some silver beads on in a pattern that will match the recipients new winter jumper. I threaded all the beads onto the yarn, and started knitting. Then I ripped it out because it was too wide and I wasn’t sure about the beads.  Then I threaded them all back on because knitting with beads will be more impressive than sewing them on afterwards and cast on again, knitted about 10 rows and placed a couple of beads and ripped it out AGAIN. 


This time I took off the beads and I’m definitely sewing them on at the end.  I have knitted the entire first ball of yarn, but am not happy with the moss stitch section now. I love the ribbed bit, it’s all lovely and drapes beautifully, the yarn is so soft. But I really don’t like the solid moss stitch section.  So as I’ve knitted 100 rows I have two choices, rip it all out or try to rip out the end section and reknit it backwards  so I don’t waste all the rib I’ve knitted. I’ll let you know how I get on but this simple scarf is becoming more work than a supposedly complicated sock.