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Finding My Mojo

January 19, 2014

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Right time for an update on all things mixed media and arty.

2014-01-19 20.00.39
[Clockwise from top left: 2012 calendar title page, finished December 2012 page, January 2014 in progress, February 2014 in progress, Kate Crane Dvds in my new Brice Bross box]

2013 was a bit of a disaster from a creative point of view for me, I didn’t do a single month of the 2013 Calendar Challenge and only made a few birthday cards.  I did do some knitting and sewing but I didn’t play as much with paint and inks as I wanted to, so this year I’m determined to make up for it.  I got Kate Crane’s Art Journalling 5 & 6 dvds for Christmas and I finished watching them today.  Watching Kate make a junk journal using bits of cardboard, tags and other junk inspired me to finally sit at my desk and have a play myself.  So here we are with January and February 2014 pages in progress.  I used Japanese style papers for the days on February as I thought I should use them.  I’m very good at buying paper pads and then just looking at them, in 2014 I plan to use some of my stash of craft goodies – yarn, fabric, paper, ink, paint, ribbons the whole kit and caboodle.

The Brice Bross box was a present from mum, it’s my surname and she thought it would be useful for storing crafty bits in.  I’ve put it by my tv for the current dvds that I’m watching/going to watch.  I googled Brice Bros and it turns out it was a real fishmongers in Billingsgate Market in London.  Dad’s family is from Kent so they could even be related to us.

2014-01-19 20.00.39-1
[Clockwise from top left: Felt Snowman decoration, Knitted Moustaches, Christmas Pudding hat, Owl Cube Bag]

2013 sewing: Veil for my best friend’s wedding, laptop sleeve, snowman decoration, owl cube bag, felt bird decoration, Japanese owl, shortened two pairs of pyjamas and customised some shorts to go to see The Rocky Horror Show.

2013 knitting: Camelot shawl, teal socks, Calorimetry hat, Smockie dress, Christmas Pudding hat and knitted moustaches for Movember.

I also made some Alice In Wonderland themed stitch markers for my friend Alice, Japanese lino cuts that turned out quite useful for embossing paper in my cuttlebug.

I’m really proud of the knitted moustaches as I raised £35 for Movember by selling them to the girls in the office so that they could participate too and it was great fun.  Becky loved her wedding veil and wore it all day. But I’m NEVER making another one (sewing netting to a hair band is the most frustrating thing I have ever done and I was up until the wee small hours getting it done) it was so lovely seeing her wear it when she got married.

2014 is looking like it will be quite difficult at work (they have announced that the business will be closing in 2015) so I need to be creative outside of work even more to balance my life out.  I don’t really make new year’s resolutions but my plans for 2014 are to spend more time making art and playing with inks/paints and to have more fun!!


Demeter Progress – it’s about time!

January 24, 2009

Well that was possibly the worst week at work ever!! I was so pleased when it got to 5pm yesterday. 
It was quite a good week knitting-wise though.  I have restarted the Demeter vest that I started knitting in May 2008 with some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Wild Cherry colour.  I stopped knitting it in June last year as I got to the armhole area and wasn’t sure how to continue.  I loved Miriam’s pattern but I wanted to change it to make the back higher and the straps closer together so that I wasn’t constantly worrying that my bra was showing at work.  Then I got stuck and couldn’t figure out how exactly to do that so I haven’t knitted it at all until last Sunday.  I MADE myself pick it up and start again – I was determined to finish it before I would allow myself to cast on a new project.  Bossing myself around worked, so I looked at the pattern, the Demeter vest I knitted last January out of Elle Cotton DK and the part knitted one, did some measuring and just went for it.  Almost a week later I have finished knitting the front, back, all four straps and am halfway round knitting the lace edging on the bottom.  I would show you a picture of it in progress but unfortunately my camera is not playing at the moment.  I think I need to get some new batteries. 

I did manage to take this picture of the hot water bottle cover I knitted at the beginning of January for Kathy at work .  It only took a week to knit, and is a smaller version of the one I made for myself. 
I haven’t got a picture but I also knitted a Calorimetry over Christmas for my friend Vivienne, I just need to post it to her now.  It’s exactly the same as this one I knitted for Keirsten last January. And it means that I have some left over yarn that I can make into a teapot cosy for me at some point.
Improvers: Drawing and Sketching started last Tuesday and we spent the evening doing a still life to remind us of the skills we learnt before Christmas doing the Introduction course. 

Then this week we started the Colour part of the course and painting a colour wheel using the three primary colours. It was really interesting, I learnt a lot about mixing colours. I’m hoping this part of the course will help me with my knitting and other crafts.

These labels were a Christmas present from my lovely friend Nic and I can’t wait to finish Demeter so that I can sew one of them in the back!! I’m going to get the scarf I gave Bex back and sew one in it for her too! You can order your own here.

I finally got myself all set up to do some fusing fabric with my new soldering iron. I haven’t yet managed to make anything worth showing but it’s fun practicing.

Demeter progress

January 15, 2008

I’m knitting like the wind at the moment, Demeter is 96 rows in I’m past the waist shaping and 30ish rows away from dividing for the shoulder straps.  I’ve printed off the errata on the lace border for the bottom so I’ll be ready to go with that when I get there.  I may try the lace pattern on some spare yarn to make sure I’ve got the hang of it before I do it on the actual top (well bottom of the top!).
I’ve posted the Calorimetry hat to Keirsten and by the look of the weather this week, she’s really going to need it. The weather in the UK at the moment is awful, very wet and windy with lots of flooding in the south west. I will post pictures of the hat later in the week but the red yarn didn’t photograph well which is a shame as it’s a lovely colour. Update 20 Jan: Added pic as it came out much better than I thought and you can even see the nice colour of the button!

Battling January Blues With Knitting

January 12, 2008

So how was everyone’s first week back at work? Mine was quite dull, it was really difficult to be motivated.  Partly because the weather was very gloomy and dull – I think the sun only came out two or three times and partly because it’s that post-Christmas-nothing-much-to-look-forward-to-spring-feels-so-far-away time.  I did try to be positive and think that the nights are getting shorter and it’s lighter for slightly longer but it feels so miserable getting up when it’s dark and getting home from work in the dark. 

I have been knitting all week though! I started the week by doing some more of the legs on the Tofutsies “I hate this colour” socks, and then decided completely out of the blue to knit a Calorimetry Hat for my friend Keirsten as I love the pattern (I knitted it twice last year) and I had a ball of Twilley’s Freedom Spirit in a red/orange/brown shade (Fire 502) that I couldn’t use for myself as it makes me itchy.  Also, the Calorimetry hat is designed for people with long hair so they can keep their head warm whilst wearing their hair tidied back and as I no longer have long hair I can’t really wear one now. Anyway, I cast on on Sunday night before bed, and then knit through my lunchbreak on Monday, knit Monday evening for awhile (I also took down my Christmas decorations and tree) and then knit on Tuesday at lunch and finished it in the evening. I think it probably took me around 3-4 hours to knit and I love the way the colours have turned out with the short row pattern.  This morning I found a yellow button to bring out the orange tones in the yarn and when I’ve sewn it on I shall send it to K in Bristol so she can keep her head warm on the way to work!

Then on Tuesday evening I decided I liked knitting at work on my lunch as it was a really nice break from work (which I don’t really enjoy) and something to look forward to all morning, so I cast on for the Demeter top by Miriam Felton in the Sensual Knits book .  The Transparency jumper hadn’t progressed since New Year’s Eve and I think it’s because I’m not fond of knitting with mohair so I’ve put it on hold temporarily.  I had some lilac Elle Cotton Fields DK in my stash so I grabbed a 3.25mm circular and knitted a bit to see what the gauge would be and then matched it to one of the vest/tank patterns in the Sensual Knits book.  The gauge matched the Demeter pattern and SURPRISE!! the measurements on the schematic matched my body shape so I quickly learnt how to do a provisional cast on and it was all systems go.  I have almost knit to the waist and it’s going well so far. I’ve knitted at work every day whilst listening to Cast On and although I only have time to do a few rows it’s lovely to switch off from work and be creative. 

I did have a slight “incident” on Wednesday evening though – I was in a lazy mood so I put a pizza in the oven for my dinner and then went back to my knitting. BIG MISTAKE! I got so involved I completely forgot about the pizza and only remembered 10 minutes after it should have been cooked. It was very burnt and extremely crispy but not totally inedible. So I’m afraid I put ketchup on it and ate it anyway. I’m hoping I’ll learn from this and never burn my dinner because of my knitting again. ;o)

P.S. I bought 6 balls of Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK in shade Dilly (a moss green) in a LYS sale – 20% off this morning. Another friend is expecting a boy in April so it will be just perfect.