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Clapotis photos!

February 7, 2009

Aren’t these colours wonderful?  It’s a picture of the Clapotis I knitted whilst off work for 12 days over Christmas.  It’s made of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn and I love it, it’s so bright and cheerful.  Mum washed and blocked it for me and it’s now much softer and doesn’t want to curl up at all.

Here’s another picture of it draped out of my window.  It’s the only way I could get enough light to take a picture as the flash on my camera is not working at the moment.
Talking of Christmas this is a patchwork bag that my mum made me as a present.  It’s really lovely and is a really useful sort of bucket shape, it’s my current favourite for carrying my latest knitting project around.  She’s made one for herself so now we have matching bags and claptotis.  ;o).

It’s not my usual colours but it’s nice to have something that isn’t.  And it goes beautifully with my Autumn scarf/hat set. 

This is the birthday card I made for mum last week.  It is layers of organza and sheer fabrics on a background of synthetic black felt bonded together using my soldering iron.  I made marks on it with a circular metal template and then cut it with the iron into strips. I wove the strips together and bonded each cross over with the soldering iron.  Then just for good measure I added some embellishment with beads and lazy daisy stitch.  Good old double-sided sticky tape a la Blue Peter stuck it to a card blank.  Voila, a card for mum!

Also this week I’ve been making progress on my Lacy Tea Top, it’s now about 8 inches long, I even took it to the local Arts Centre for Big Band Brunch – this is a monthly lunch with Jazz and is a wonderful way to pass two hours on a Saunday!

Last night I cast on a new hat pattern I found.  This week in the UK we have had unheard of amounts of snow -I don’t think we’ve had this much snowfall since I was born. As a consequence of this I’ve realised that I need a hat that is a little longer to keep my ears warm and so prevent there being a cold gap between my hat and scarf.  I wanted to knit a hat with a sort of 1920s Flapper feel to it, sort of a cloche hat but knitted.  I found the Poppy pattern on Ravelry by Justjussi and it was exactly what I wanted.  It’s knit straight using short row shaping to knit the segments and then you pick up stitches all around to knit the ribbed edge which has a small overlap that you fix into place with a button or some other embellishment.  Mine is knit in Debbie Bliss Rialto DK in a wonderful bright purple and so far it’s going well.  I knit the 6 segments last night and am now just knitting the rib.  I will probably knit a longer rib than is suggested for the aforementioned ear-coverage! I did increase the size of the pattern slightly as it’s designed for babies but I think it’s worked well and I really like the construction. I hope I finish it today as there’s more snow forecast for tomorrow……


Crafty catch up

December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!! I hope you had a nice one and ate waaaaay too much food – I have.
Quick update as I’ve not blogged for a while mostly due to getting ready for Christmas and my camera being a pain in the ****.

Korknisse knitted on Christmas Day from this pattern because I saw them on Elliphantom’s blog last year and thought they were really cute.  I used a champagne cork though so I enlarge the pattern from 15 stitches to 20 round and knitted the body slightly longer.

This is a cover for a diary that I made for my friend Keirsten.  It’s vilene painted with Early Learning paint and Stewart Gill Glactica paint and then embroidered.  I did try to stamp leaves on it with some dark blue paint but it really didn’t work.  Below is the notebook that gave me the idea.  I made it in a workshop taught by Janet McCallum in 2007. 

Finished Clapotis – modelled by my mum at Avebury

We went for a walk around the stone circle this morning and it was very chilly.  I did enjoy looking at everyone’s hats and scarves though.  I think mum had the best scarf on!! I cast on a Clapotis with some Noro Kureyon Sock yarn colour 182 for me on Christmas day.

Week off & tone self portrait

November 15, 2008

Well it’s almost over, back to work on Monday.  I’ve done exactly what I wanted – indulged my crafts and creative self.  I’ve knitted half a clapotis out of Noro Kureyon sock yarn – Mum bought the yarn for herself but didn’t get on with it very well so I am knitting it for her.  I don’t love the yarn either, especially as it’s 100% wool which I find quite rough but I LOVE the colours.  It really is beautifully dyed.  I’ve done one less increase repeat so it’s slightly narrower than the pattern and I’m halfway through the ball of yarn at 12 repeats of the straight section.

I cast on my autumnal scarf at the weekend and then knit on the train to London and back on Wednesday.  I really enjoy knitting on the train as it always prompts a conversation with whomever is sat next to me.  It was a nice old man on his way to a meeting in London this time, he said seeing me knitting reminded him of his mum.  We ended up talking all the way to Waterloo about loads of different things – the war, engraving, cross stitch, the olympics are just a few of the subjects.  And I very much doubt we would have talked at all if I’d just been reading.  Anyway the scarf is now this long….

…and I’ve made one of the colour changes so it’s about 20% completed. It’s not the most interesting knit in the world and I have been doing more work on the clapotis this week but that’s because it’s fascinating watching the drop stitches unravel. But I still love the yarn and as you can see from the background, which is a photocopy of autumn leaves stuck to paper, it is definitely autumnal colours.
This is the scarf I knitted for Bex. The colours are as bright as the picture but that is what she likes so I think she will like it.

In London I did go to the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery and whilst I still don’t really like portraits still I can appreciate them now. I did really like 4 chalk/charcoal sketches that I saw and so when we had to do another self portrait on Thursday evening using tone, I took my inspiration from the mark making I had seen on the sketches at the NPG. Here’s the result – it’s a little scary looking but it worked the way I hoped. If you squint at it you can see the tone does sort of work.

I also did some painting, embroidery and listened to a lot of jazz. I really relaxed and chilled out – it was great!!