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September 12, 2009

You should never ever set a 4 week deadline on knitting something. My shrug is starting to feel cursed.
First of all the yarn took a week to arrive due to postal strikes in the UK. I wanted to cast on at the bank holiday weekend (end of August) but had to wait until the end of the week after. The first evening I knitted a gauge swatch to decide what size needles to use. 3.5mm was my decision so that the pattern was defined enough but it would be light and lofty. Friday 4 Sept I cast on and knit about 12 rows. On Saturday I measured the width and it was about 2 inches wider than I wanted. Pants! I thought this was because I’d cast on with dpns and it had been difficult to knit tight enough across the changes in needles. Cast on again with two circular needles instead. Knit 8 or so rows. Late Saturday night I measured it again and it was still WAY too big. I still blamed this on knitting in the round. Sunday I cast on again but on straight needles and knitted 4 rows in garter stitch to make it nice and neat and tight, and then I joined for knitting in the round and knit a few repeats of the feather and fan pattern. Sunday afternoon I measured again and it was still TOO big. I put it aside in disgust and general stropiness [does that have two p’s?] stroppiness. [possibly]. Anyway, I was quite annoyed to put it mildly. I had bought some red beads, so I made two necklaces instead and felt much better as they went completely to plan – no deadline you see!
On Monday I simply couldn’t be bothered – still grumpy.
On Tuesday I decided I didn’t want to knit in a smaller needle size and that I didn’t want to remove the 5 stitches I had between the f&f panels as I liked them, so the only solution was to knit 3 repeats of the panels not the 4 that I had originally planned. So I cast on 69 stitches instead of 92 on straight needles and knitted a couple of repeats of the pattern. It was working, it was a little narrower than I had intended but I could live with that.
Wednesday I picked it up again to continue and realised that I had a made a stupid mistake at about row 6 so I had to rip it all out and start again!!! Can you believe it!! I couldn’t. I cast on again and knit 12 or so rows before bed. That was the 5th time I had cast on. Took it to work on Thursday to knit with some friends at lunch and it finally started to go well. It’s Saturday now and I’m finally feeling that it’s safe and I won’t have to rip it out again. So now I really do have to knit like the wind as I need to wear it in 2 weeks.


Quick post of 3 photos

September 5, 2009

This is the Panda Silk 4ply yarn that I’m going to knit my lace shrug.

Honeycomb vest is finished!!

This is the last time I will see my car as it’s gone off to be scrapped. I’ve had it 11 years and it’s going to be very weird not driving it anymore.


August 29, 2009

Sorry for being so quiet for pretty much the entire month, work has been extremely busy and stressful, also there have been builders at home replacing doors and replastering walls for two weeks.  I think they are the messiest and most disorganised workmen on the planet, and it’s just typical that I got stuck with them.  We now have a dip in the carpet in the hall (broken floorboard) that was fine before they started.  I think the landlord will have to replace all the communal carpets as they have done a horrendous job of protecting them from the dust, rubble and wet plaster.  I did manage to protect my knitting/yarn stash but there is dust on all my books even though I did put dust sheets over everything.  Each footstep sends up a little puff of dust as you walk around.  They were working all of last weekend, luckily it was sunny on Sunday as I had to go out!! I grabbed my knitting and did some enforced KIP. 

Right, enough complaining – there has been some good stuff too.  I have ordered some Panda Silk Solid 4ply yarn to knit the shrug I was imagining in my last post.  I know I was going to use my raspberry mohair but I need a shrug for a wedding at the end of September so I’m going to knit in the black bamboo/silk and if it works I will probably repeat it with the raspberry mohair.  I’m sticking to the feather and fan idea and will knit a few plain stitches between each pattern panel so I can do the shaping easily,  I did attempt to work decreases/increases into the F&F pattern but it went horribly wrong, it’s just too complicated and I’m working to a deadline.  Hopefully the yarn will arrive on Tuesday and I can get started!!

I have cast on the OpArt baby blanket from in white/lilac Patons Smoothie DK which is acrylic, but it doesn’t feel tacky at all.  I was being practical – a baby blanket is going to need a lot of washing and if it’s got silly complicated care instructions it will only be kept for ‘best’ which translates as never used in my book. So it’s acrylic. It’s going quite well so far, it is a little dull as it’s mostly just knitting with 4 increases per row but to be honest with work being so complicated I needed a very basic project to do.  I didn’t have any brain power left at the end of the day for anything more intricate.