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Socks & Gloves

November 10, 2007

I’ve not been feeling well this week and had to take a few days off work. I did manage to finish my jaywalkers but I hardly did any knitting at all really.  On Thursday evening I felt a little more like myself so I made a Christmas tree decoration in a quilty/patchwork way instructions from a workshop my mum attended last week.  I’m quite pleased with it and may give them as presents.  So I can’t post a picture here incase I do.

Yesterday I finally felt like knitting again and cast on a toe in Elle Stretch DK black, and then after the toe I started knitting the foot in purple and black vertical stripes by knitting one stitch in black and then one in purple.  It’s working quite well but I’m going to pause it while I decide if I really like it or not. 

I think I’d like to knit myself a matching gloves/scarf set so I had  a look for glove patterns on Knitty and Magknits. I like the Knucks that Elliphantom made recently from a pattern in Knitty but they are fingerless and I want whole fingers.  I was toying with the idea of trying to do a very mini magic cast on and knitting down the fingers and then following the Knucks pattern to join it all together but then on Ravelry I discovered something that is completely Genius. It’s i-cord fingers!!! you knit i-cord fingers and it gives you a ladder of strands at the back of the work which you then treat like a dropped stitch and pick up with a crochet hook creating a FINGER! Look HERE for the instructions. I need to find some yarn now but am thinking about using the Koigu KPPPM I got at Alexandra Palace as it’s too beautiful to be hidden in my shoes.

I should be knitting hats for babies that are due at Christmas and sewing together a Pixie coat for a baby who is already here but I keep getting distracted by socks and gloves for myself. I think it’s because there are no seams in socks!!


Ravelry and FO

November 3, 2007

Hey, I’ve logged on to Ravelry and put my first project on it. I haven’t really had a chance to fully explore but I like it so far. 

Bex Socks

Here is a pic of the socks I made for my friend Bex.  I haven’t given them to her yet so I still don’t know if she will like them but I think they turned out ok. I like the reversed colour thing, as the top section looks the same even though it’s not, you’ll only REALLY notice how odd they are when they are not in shoes. Well that’s the plan anyway. 
I’ve still got quite a bit of the purple/pink/green Opal Uni yarn left even after making 3 pairs of socks and a hat out of them.  I’d like to use them for something else but it can’t be for me as I still find the wool very itchy. I suppose if Bex doesn’t like the odd nature of these I can always make a matching pair so she’s got two pairs. 

Bonfire night in the UK on Monday so I’m going to a fireworks display soon, yay! first time to wear a wooly jumper, gloves and a hat. Sadly this year not knitted by me. But I intend to rectify that by next year. 


November 2, 2007

I got my invitation to join Ravelry!! At last. I can’t wait to log on tomorrow. I’m at work but I had to post as I was so excited and no one here understands me….. sniff.

First jaywalker finished with a lovely zigzag cuff.