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FO: Smockie for Mia

July 12, 2008

I’ve actually done some knitting this week.  On Sunday I put the solitary blue lacey tofutsies sock on with some shoes and decided it would make quite a nice knee length sock instead of ankle length so I have continued knitting and have started increasing some stitches between the lace panels for calf shaping.  The only trouble is, as usual, because I’m making it up as I go along I’m a bit hesitant to go storming ahead without thinking about it.  So in the meantime I’ve pulled out the middle of the ball of yarn and have begun the second sock.  So yet again I have two socks being knitted from the same ball of yarn and all the tangles that come with it!! When will I ever learn? Probably never.  The lace pattern is a simple 4 row repeat which is very easy to remember.  Then I need to decide what cuff to do as I’m bored with just 2×2 rib.

Smockie for Mia being blocked as I’ve finally finished all the knitting and added some cute ladybird buttons. I did a single crochet around the neckline in the end as I didn’t like the effect when I picked up stitches as the instructions said.


Wild West 4th July – Yeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

July 5, 2008

Our work summer bbq last night had Wild West theme because it was the 4th of July.  I got all dressed up in a gingham top, jeans and my stars & stripes Converse hi-tops (with matching socks not pictured). And then when I arrived at my desk in the morning my friend Debbie had bought me a sheriff’s hat and badge to wear all day as I’d wished for one the day before. I was so chuffed!! I had to add some string to my hat so that I could wear it on my back when it fell off my head.

I had made three pairs of these earrings the night before out of stars & stripes confetti and some beads and it was really nice because people kept asking me where I had bought them! Loads of people made an effort and wore checked shirts with jeans, there were quite a few pairs of boots and even some cap guns. At 9am I saw two people seeing who could draw their cap gun the fastest on the way to the coffee machine.
It was really good fun we had a horseshoe throw, a tin can alley, country and western music including the obligatory Dollie Parton, a Pimms bar renamed the Moonshine Bar and we all sat on straw bales! And I can tell you that when it started raining during the bbq I was very grateful for my hat!
So if you were in Salisbury last night at around 9 o’clock you would have seen me walking home wearing a cowboy hat, a sheriffs badge and my wild west outfit in the rain!

P.S. it turns out that my cycle route round the Woodford valley is 11 miles long, and last week I did it 15 mins quicker than the week before. Yay me!!